For many the Greengos Experience is centered

around their personal journey through the world of Tequila. There is no better way to begin or continue your own personal journey of education and appreciation of the world’s greatest distilled spirit than through Greengos Tequila Club. Greengos provides you with valuable and fun rewards to help you generate motivation along the way!

Greengos Tequila Club Rules

$20 one time membership fee includes hand blown personal shot glass. As you make your way through 100 different tequilas, you will win great prizes. You never know which shot might earn you a Milagro award, gift certificate or prize.

- 15th tasting of Tequila or Mescal earns you $1.00 off future Tequila towards the club.

- 30th tasting of Tequila or Mescal earns you $2.00 off future Tequila towards club, plus $30 Greengos Gift Cert.

- 45th tasting of Tequila or Mescal earns $3.00 off future Tequila towards club, Plus Hat or Tumbler.

- 60th tasting of Tequila or Mescal earns $50 Greengos Cert.

- 80th tasting of Tequila or Mescal earns One of a kind Greengos Tequila Club shirt.

- 100th tasting earns you Greengos Lifetime award**.

**We honor you with your own personal plaque displayed in Greengos Cantina. Lifetime award entitles you to 20% off all tequila forever ever.

Behind the bar lie our various tantalizing beverage creations and our (certainly) World Famous Tequila Wall—which boasts the (wait for it…) largest tequila selection in the Caribbean! And being the connoisseurs of fine tequila that we are we don’t stop there. We also feature our own proprietary oak barrel aged blend of tequila, served straight from the barrel that will please any palate. Greengo’s is also known for their unique infused tequilas featuring seasonal fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and anything else that our talented and creative tequila masters can conjure up. And our full bar can also mix up any and all of your favorite traditional or frozen beverages your heart desires.

Every tequila is Greengos carries is 100% Agave, non-full agave tequilas are known as Mixtos, and only have to be 51% agave by Mexican law. Mixtos are typically rot gut, and cause massive hang overs. Greengos will never carry these. We infuse our own tequilas with everything from Strawberries, Pineapples, & Mangos to Cucumbers, Thai Chiles, & Poblano Peppers. It takes on average a week to produce a full batch, and makes for the prime ingredient in our unique signature margaritas. In addition to our house infusions.