our story

The fine cuisine coupled

with our unique mouth-watering libations and huge flat screen tvs are reasons enough to visit Greengos for your next meal, but it’s the breathtaking mural work adding to the ambience which gives Greengos an authentic cantina feel and makes our guests feel right at home.

Each location features unique jaw-dropping art with a focus on calacas--or the skull and skeleton images famously conspicuous on "el dia de los muertos", or "the day of the dead", celebrated by Americans as Halloween. These creative images also grace the Greengos merchandise which is unquestionably the coolest swag you’ll ever find at a restaurant. And although each Greengos location has been painstakingly decorated to present a genuine cantina feel, they also provide well-placed and sizeable flat-screen televisions, making Greengos an ideal spot to watch most any sporting event.

our lifestyle

The owners and chef Elizabeth (affectionately, and somewhat famously, referred to as "Mom") are in fact "gringos", but they are not poor spellers. "Greengos" is a play on the word which refers to Americans to reflect their commitment to being environmentally responsible--truly living the notion of “going green”. Take-out food is packaged in recycled, biodegradable materials and all glassware is made from recycled glass.

If you appreciate quality food, tasty beverages and a rewarding dining experience, we are waiting for you at Greengos!